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In addition to interiors, Van Mieris also painted portraits and various historical subjects.The present portrait of an unknown sitter was in the collection of Maria Magdalena van Sluypwijk and was auctioned in Amsterdam on her death in 1803.Paul Getty Museum), in which a male artist is teaching a pretty female pupil.The skull on the shelf in the background may act as a 'vanitas' element.

Naumann suggested that Van Mieris derived this type of portrait, which could be described as courtly and elegant, from Abraham van den Tempel, in particular a portrait by that artist dated one year prior to the present one, in which Van Dyck’s influence is evident.The richness of the woman’s clothing, her jewels and the gesture of her pointing index finger all indicate her high social rank.In addition to the exquisite clothing and jewels, this panel also reveals the use of a highly refined technique and costly pigments.He is said to have been trained first by Abraham Toorenvliet, then the fijnschilder Gerrit Dou, and subsequently the portrait and history painter Abraham van den Tempel, before returning to Dou for further training; he officially entered the Leiden Guild of St Luke in 1658.Van Mieris's early work was strongly influenced by Dou.

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The central female figure is ambiguous, viewed from the back while she is clearly looking towards the handsome young painter; this device was also used by Gerard Terborch, and most famously by Johannes Vermeer in his painting The Music Lesson.

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