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In fact, it may take days and sometimes even months for a Cancer guy to come up with those three words.Blame him not for his slow and steady approach to romance as it is something he is born with.He is a practical person but with ideas and dreams of fairy tale romance.

Nevertheless, with a little bit of extra care and love, a Cancer guy can turn out to be the perfect recipe for a partner, he is smart, he is sophisticated, he is intelligent and above all, he is the most loving and caring!It is just the mood swings of a Cancer that project him as a different person in different times.He may be happy one moment, sharing witty jokes and slapstick humor at the other and at the very next moment he would turn into a sad and melancholic guy who would want all the comfort and reassurance.Since Cancer guys are highly emotional people, they get hurt at the drop of a hat.What’s more, when hurt, they do not confide in their resentment and instead, indulge in brooding.

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