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His character has an important role in the film’s climax, but his best scene is arguably the one in which he and a young Uma Thurman make terrible-sounding music. Tedious Bus Hero Keanu (Speed, 1994) Tedious Bus Hero Keanu saves the day in the 1994 film Speed, by taking control of a bus that must be kept at 50mph, to prevent an on-board bomb exploding and killing all the passengers. Unshaven Indie Hero Keanu (Feeling Minnesota, 1996) Unshaven Indie Hero Keanu, complete with requisite stubble and checked shirts, appears alongside Cameron Diaz, Vincent D'Onofrio and Courtney love in Feeling Minnesota.

Nothing makes any sense, but Keanu gets to wear beige wear polo necks and practise his sensitive face. Baby Keanu (The Brotherhood of Justice, 1986) Reeves was 21 when he starred in the 1986 US made-for-TV movie Brotherhood of Justice, in which plays rich kid Derek, leader of a group of high-school vigilantes. Unflattering Angle Keanu Pictures of Reeves looking somewhat heavier than usual surfaced last year, after the star attended the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

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