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We love it when two celebrities we heart end up getting together – so we’re feeling a bit soppy this Sunday morning.

Former Strictly Come Dancing winner Kara Tointon is dating the nicest man in TV – former This Morning presenter Matt Johnson.

Instead, through strong voiceover, clips from Jones’ program featuring the host spouting conspiracies, and interviews with a conservative commentator who opposes Jones’ influence and the father of a child who died at Sandy Hook, Kelly explained how Jones operates, the harassment his targets experience, and his close ties to President Donald Trump.

The segment reportedly went through drastic changes following the spate of condemnation, with NBC adding an interview with a Sandy Hook family member and slicing and dicing the footage of Kelly’s sit-down with Jones to make it more damaging to him.

Matt recently took part in Mind 3000s, trekking for 24 hours to raise more than £50,000 for the charity.

She even went as far as to invite them to send in their suggestions.

“We thought ‘when we see him we’ll know what he looks like’ but actually it’s really hard.

“Every time we ask [viewers] they come up with the goods, so what better way than to ask the viewers for some suggestions.” Jones went on to thank everyone for their gifts and joked that her son has “the best collection of cardigans and blankets ever”.

You: all that, plus you’ve got a GREAT ASS.” If that’s the kind of romantic advertisement you don’t mind making public on the Internet, then foaming-at-the-mouth nutbag king Alex Jones’s Infowars “Dating Freedom Lovers” website is perfect for you.

Last night, the wonderful @fart directed his Twitter followers to check out “Infowars conspiracy dating,” and anyone who followed the link was not disappointed.

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